Another Day, Another Move

Another Day, Another Move
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It's moving day here at Ruminato once again. This is the second time in just the last month or so (give or take). This time, the move is from Substack to a newsletter platform known as Ghost.

This shouldn't affect you, unless you are in the habit of interacting with Substack by restacking, etc.

I began my newsletter journey on Mailchimp, then switched to Substack a little over a month ago. Hopefully, this is my last stop.

Feel free to explore the website, which now has its own domain name:

The free subscription tier will continue to feature free fiction, such as short stories and occasional excerpts from my novels, such as this one (and two previous chapters) from Psalm of Vampires:

Psalm of Vampires, Chapter Three
Trigger warnings: raw language, violence Chapter Three — Police Procedural I had dismissed Moreland’s concerns out of hand but that didn’t change the likelihood that things could get messy. The internet noise from my violin act was growing almost in direct proportion to the social media trendlines of the

You can get a feel for things by navigating the site, which is full of free stories.

Please note: The migration from Substack is ongoing. Until the dust settles, you may see an occasional broken link.

If you become a paid subscriber, you'll have access to novels in progress and a new feature coming soon called "Continue?" that you'll hear more about soon.

And, of course, you'll be a part of the literary support community by helping to keep the lights on.

Now, on to a few promos

Usually, I send out special promos on the first Sunday of each month. I wasn't able to accomplish that yesterday (Sunday) so I am sending them out this morning. My apologies to my co-op authors!

Free download

Gil gets trapped in his favorite retro video game with his BFF and his high school crushes.
A whimsical Lit-RPG Fantasy building and Epic Fantasy story:

Ultimate Fantasy
Ultimate Fantasy: Gil was a regular guy before he was transported to another world. In a world of magic and monsters, he must struggle to survive. Here he is, the chosen one. But the world is familiar to him. It reminds him of his favorite RPG video game but now he is living it. When monsters attack him, the pain and struggle are real. Does he have what it takes to be the Warrior of Light? In this new found fantasy world, he first encounters a female thief who reminds him strangely of a beautiful young woman from his past—in the real world. Will she be the key to unlocking the secret of his quest in Ultimate Fantasy? This is a LitRPG, Epic Fantasy, Harem Fantasy and Video Game Parody. Trigger Warning... Warning this book contains some very steamy sexual scenes but would be considered rated R, and not X. Some scenes do fade to gray but they get hot first... read at your discretion.

Free download

The Mastermind Behind the Grayson County Five
Find out the truth behind the story!

The Notorious Texas Swindler
Bob Leach was a throwback to an era of legendary Texas desperados. He was a conman, a kidnapper, a cattle rustler, a stickup man, and more. But far from practicing his depredations in the Wild West heyday of the 1880’s, Leach was a modern-day badman who became one of the most sought-after criminals in Texas history; from landing in a Comanche County courtroom on charges of larceny to ending up in a Callahan County Jail where he later escaped. After his capture, Leach was carted off to prison where he met and married his then wife. The pair ran a larceny scheme raking in millions while blackmailing guests at a party ranch. According to witnesses, guests enjoyed ranch style amenities during the day light hours and running around bareass from one orgy to another at night, and everyone was being videotaped in the process just to be blackmailed for it later. Everything came to an abrupt end when one of Bob’s girlfriends blew the whistle on them. The wife turned herself into a Texas Ranger and Bob went on the run. Once he was captured he was then taken to the Grayson County Jail, but it seemed his escapades were not over yet. He and four other inmates broke out of the tiny jail located in Sherman and were soon labeled by the media as “The Grayson County Five”. They led a massive posse of Texas lawmen on a state-wide chase. The reign of terror lasted for four days, including taking a husband and wife hostage in their home, before ending in a shootout against law enforcement. Bob released the couple and surrendered peacefully to authorities, but not before turning the gun on his compadre. The real story about the “Modern Day Cattle Rustler” has yet to be told as new evidence has been uncovered that would warrant reopening the old cases.

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